Welcome to Recording Studio Design

We sell pre-designed  recording studio design packages. We are part of Wildback Partnership who operate the recording studio design and build company: Fluid Audio Designs www.fluidaudiodesigns.co.uk.

All our off the shelf recording studio design packages can be used as either control rooms or rehearsal rooms.

We have been building recording studios for the past 25 years. Due to high demand, we now sell our previously designed recording studio designs to clients around the UK. This means all our recording studio design packages have already been built and tested by our installation department. To view our recording studio design packages, click here.

We also offer custom recording studio design packages for customers who require more flexibility with the space they have available. Please check out our bespoke recording studio designs packages click here.

If you would prefer for us to design and build your recording studio from scratch, why not visit Fluid Audio Designs.