Recording Studio Design specialise in recording studio design, recording studio construction & recording studio installation, studio wiring, isolation booths, vocal booths and production suites.

Recording Studio Design can be seen as an extremely complex and drawn-out process. When you start the design process there are many factors to take into account: -

  • Geographical location
  • Position within the building
  • Surrounding neighbourhood – residential or commercial
  • Noise pollution – main roads, train lines, underground lines
  • Council approval, late night access
  • Recording Studio use and main function
  • Style of recording – Live or program
  • Control rooms size
  • Equipment – analogue or digital
  • Control room acoustics
  • Control room decoration and worktop cabinets
  • Control room soundproofing
  • Control room ventilation
  • Live room size, live band or vocal and individual instrument
  • Live room acoustics
  • Live room decoration
  • Live room soundproofing
  • Live room ventilation
  • Electrics, star earth
  • Noisy equipment location, Mac’s and PC’s, Amplifier
  • Recording studio building regulations

With all of the above in mind we can start to consider the recording studio design stage.

We have over 18 years experience building, designing and running recording studios. To find out how we can help you, click here.