Recording Studio Design Package

Planning permission – Change of Use

Most recording studios do not require change of use, you could simply build a recording studio within in your bedroom if you wanted. Generally building a recording studio within any property that is residential does not require change of use or planning permission. Also building a recording studio within a commercial space that has permission for offices also should not require change of us or specific planning permission.

In general, you can have a recording studio in your residential property if its for home use. You can build a studio in commercial properties if it has been registered for B1 use (office and studio use). However if you plan on using your recording studio as a band rehearsal space you would need B2 (music rehearsal and recording studio). Most commercial properties at already B1, so if you need B2, you will need to apply for change of use.

If you need to apply for change of use, a standard sound survey of your property will not be sufficient to satisfy the requirements of the change of use application. You will need to carry out a full noise impact survey. This is allot more complicated to carry out.